Maintenance Contracts

Normally, we offer our service through maintenance contracts. The way this works is that you buy a contract from us and in return we handle all of your routine property maintenance and repair anything that might break.

We have service level agreements in place so that you get a really fast response time when there is a problem. If you just call some random company to repair your property, you might get poor service and it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be a lot of hassle involved.

A maintenance contract provides a hassle free living arrangement for you.

With our maintenance contracts, all routine maintenance is handled by us without you having to think about. We book your property into our scheduling system and when some service is due, a new ticket is created automatically and we schedule a visit to take care of it.

If you need emergency service, we are available 24/7 with a response time of less than 30 minutes in most cases. We are insanely reliable and make it our business to keep you happy.

Enjoy the benefits of home ownership without any of the hassle by getting a maintenance contract from Shalabiyat Technical Services.

We maintain apartments in all areas of Dubai.

We provide maintenance contracts on single apartment units. These contracts include regular maintenance such as water system flushing, air conditioner filter changes so you are not breathing toxic air, and other general routine tasks. It also includes free monthly call outs for general handyman work or other repairs.

You will always have a dedicated person to speak with any time you have an issue and we will take care of you quickly so you can go about your busy life.

We maintain villas in all areas of Dubai.

In the Arabian Desert and on the Arabian Gulf, the weather is harsh. Villas can easily fall into disrepair and the costs to fix them once this happens can really get out of control fast. For this reason, you really must handle the routine maintenance of your villa promptly.

What successful villa owner has time to think about these sort of things? We have a checklist of villa maintenance issues and take care of these without you even having to do anything other than agree to a time for us to come. We will even call you and send you email reminders when maintenance is due. This makes your life very easy as a villa owner.

We maintain offices in all areas of Dubai.

We maintain offices for individual companies or entire buildings. An office needs maintenance just like an apartment or a villa so please do not skimp on your routine! Call Us and think about it no more!